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Camelot Computers Inc, offers a wide range of Networking Solutions. We have experienced staff trained in troubleshooting network problems as well as a full scale initial network design. We have many years experience with the following services.

- IBM Blade Servers
- Mass Storage Systems for Blade Server sharing and redundant backups
- Offsite Backup Systems
- RAID Arrays
- KVM (IP Remote and Local solutions)
- Tracking Software
- Norton Antivirus Server Solutions
- DNS Server Design
- Cat #5 Wiring 10/100 MIPS (Professionally installed, our wire installers are professional electricians)
- Cat #6 Wiring 100/1000 MIPS (Professionally installed, our wire installers are professional electricians)
- Network Wiring of Shared Printers
- Network Wiring and connectivity of large Copiers and support units such as Fiery Servers
- Small and Medium Business Network Solutions (Business Cable Modem or DSL)

Do you have more than one location for your business? We have developed numerous WAN (Wide Area Network) Designs and can even help you with your implementation. Should you use a T3, T1 or Fiber Optic Line? Am I better off with DSL or Cable Modem in this area? What kind of routers should I buy, and what is a DSU/CSU? From beginning to end, Camelot Computers, Inc. can help you design and implement a Wide Area Network best suited for your needs. We even have experience in tying Nonprofit or Grant Networks into State and Federal Systems.


Need an Internet Filter to Block Certain Sites?
Server room a Mess?
Need Custom Racks Design or setup?
Ask about Wall and Floor Mounted Rack Installations.
Single and Multiunit Racks Available.

So whether you need a redesign of your network, a network wiring for your building, or Internet access. Camelot Computers can handle all of your networking needs.