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- Camelot Computers, Inc uses cutting edge Microsoft solutions for their Database platforms.  The Front end of our Database systems are  Microsoft ASP.NET models with AJAX for expanded pull down menu selections. In addition, the Back end of our databases are designed in Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, which can handle hundreds of users.  This platform also allows for remote users, and access to the database from any company office, satellite or even home location depending on your security preferences of your company.

- The databases we create are 100% custom code written, and unlike other programming companies, you, the client, will receive a full copy of the code and system for their own resources.  We do not believe in hiding the code from you or charging you extra to purchase code that was specifically written for you. 

- All of our databases that we design will have a powerful importing and exporting capabilities since the backend will be Microsoft SQL.  SQL allows for importing functionality from everything ranging from other SQL databases, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Excel, Comma Delimited Format, Tab Delimited Format, and ODBC Databases.  In addition, SQL tables allow for all the exporting of those formats as well.

- Online report exporting will allow the user to export into things such as Excel, PDF and CSV, which are all supported by SQL Reporting.  The user of each report will have the options to print locally or export into any of these formats.

- The databases we design also do internal data exports.  In case of database failure, the transaction log will be first backed up and for recovery the most recent database will be restored followed by all transaction logs since then and finally the last log with recovery option.
WAL protocol (Write Ahead Logging) ensures that changes are written to a stable medium before changes are made to the database, so that in case of even abrupt system failure the database can be rolled forward to a stable state

Some of our most recent work includes the following projects:

2008 Philadelphia Society for Services to Children (PSSC)
- Initial Discovery Phase & Database Design for PSSC
- Created working modules and database system for the FAST program
- Attended various meetings and discovery aspects of the Kids N Kin system

2007 National Tribal Leaders Council of Montana and Wyoming
- Setup various services, including voucher payments for fee for service
- Clients included both Adult Treatment Services, as well as Child Treatment Services
- System also included non-traditional services such as Babysitting Vouchers.

2006 DUII Driving Under the Influence System
- Setup ICE Tracking System for first time and repeat offenders of the DUII system
- Tracked history and number of offenses & treatment placement for adults and underage drunk drivers

2004-2005 SAI'Clops Database System
- Extremely large database and expansion modules for the Substance Abuse Initiative
- Contained complete Referral, Assessment, and Treatment Log data systems
- System had integration and checking of data for DYFS Child Services
- System also had reporting, storage and historical tracking of GA and TANF status

2003 SARD Rutgers University Intense Clinical Management Database
- Created Database for 'Women on the Rise' treatment center for Women and Children
- Created Intense Case Management database for incentive vouchers for Women with Children and their services required
- Combined and converted this database into the SAI'Clops system in 2004