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To configure your iPhone or Droid for Camelot Email, here are the following steps:

#1) Go to your Settings Icon : Then Choose Accounts : Then Choose your Email for your domain.

General Settings:
Account Name: rob.camelot for example (NOT your email address but your assigned domain login user name)
Real Name: Put your real name here
Email Address: Put your email address here... (for example)

Incoming Settings:
POP3/SMTP Server name:

User Name: rob.camelot for example (Put YOUR user name here given to you )
Password: abcdefg for example (Put YOUR password here given to you)
Port: 110

Outgoing Settings:
User Name: ***** LEAVE THIS BLANK ******
Password: ***** LEAVE THIS BLANK ******
Port: 25

One Additional Update:
** With some users, especially if you are on a VERIZON cell phone system, the emails are not working.
This is because they typically block port 25 and you need to switch to port 587 instead!
If you can do that manually, it will work great.
- Otherwise, one customer said they had to check "TTL" and it automatically switched to port 587 and it worked on their specific phone.

That should do it, each phone is different but those are usually guildelines that help solve the issue!
If you have any questions, please email us